Our Fundraisers/Activities

  • Book Fair – Winter & Spring
  • Kid Stuff Books
  • Cheesecake Sale – Fall
  • Smencils – Fall
  • Spirit Wear – Winter/Spring
  • Respect Week – October
  • Popcorn Sale – During the School Year
  • Holiday Shoppe – December
  • Dr. Seuss Week – February
  • Autism Awareness Week – April
  • Mother’s Day Plant Sale – April
  • Field Day – May

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2017-2018 Supply Lists:

Grade 3 – Click Here
Grade 4 – Click Here
Grade 5 – Click Here

Welcome Back!

We are so excited to be starting the school year with you and your children!  There are so many new and exciting experiences at the beginning of the school year, we can’t wait to share them with you!  If you would like to get involved in making the students’ time in the Elementary School happy and exciting, please register to become a PTA member.  The more hands we have the greater a difference we can make.

Maria Costa-Posadas, PTA President
South River Elementary School

Color Wars…     Start the year off BRIGHT

One of the PTA’s biggest events that runs all year long is Color Wars..

The PTA is hoping to encourage a sense of community and comradery within the grades by assigning each grade a color for the year.  This team color will be used in various competitions throughout each marking period.  At the end of each marking period the winning team will receive a small prize from the PTA.  A final end of the year winner will be announced and celebrated at Field Day.

Get ready for our Color War Kickoff, Spirit Day, on September 15th!  The students can wear their color and proudly represent their grade.  The color with the highest percentage of participation will receive 10 points for their team.  Points will be tracked in the main hallway where the students can keep an eye on their team’s total score.  There will be an opportunity to win points for almost everything the students are asked to participate in throughout the year (ex: Team with the best return rate for KidStuff Books/orders win 15 points, Team with the best behavior at lunch wins 5 points etc).

Class Colors are:

Grade 3: Blue
Grade 4: Green
Grade 5/Self Contained*: Red
Preschool: Yellow

*As always, if a student in Self Contained would prefer to represent a differing grade they can! We want everyone to wear whichever color they identify best with. But for the purpose of creating ::as close to:: equal teams the S/C classes are counted towards the Red Team total.

Want to help out?  Have an idea?  Join us at a PTA meeting!

Meetings are held every 1st Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm at the SRES Library.

NOTE:  If you are coming to help out please make sure to sign in at the Main Office and leave your ID.

Executive Board

President – Maria Costa-Posadas
Proud mom of 2.

1st Vice President – Donna Kokinos
Proud mom of 2.

2nd Vice President – Rose Soares
Proud mom of 2

Recording Secretary – Elizabeth Lell
Proud mom of 2.

Corresponding Secretary – Joanne Olival
Proud mom of a 8.

Treasurer – Michelle Widman
Proud mom of 2

Membership – Jamie McGrath & Elizabeth Lell
Proud mom of 3.

Bylaws Chairperson – “Open Position”